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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Going Bald for a Cause

I am trying to get back in the groove of writing and this story seemed as good as any to share with you. This started with a friend/coworker revealing her utter obsession with Starbucks coffee by driving to the hospital, in the middle of a snow storm, because it was the only store open. As much as I want to delve into her coffee obsession, I am forced to look at the good things it has produced. 

I have to imagine that she started making connections with the baristas at Starbucks when they questioned her about the countless selfies she was taking. If they didn't ask questions at that point, then I am positive they started questioning when she began posing with a miniature stuffed monkey. Whatever the reason, I am glad the conversation got rolling.

Hollyi (the selfie taking, coffee addict) got to meet Britteni, who is working to raise money for an amazing cause. 

You read correctly. Britteni is going to shave her head on March 16, 2014 in hopes of raising $3,000 to help fight child cancer and support Julia. A few months ago I cut off 10+ inches of my hair so I could sport a pixie cut...and I thought this was scary. Britteni is going to shave her head! I don't know many girls willing to  do this. Another amazing fact is that she's not doing this alone. St. Baldricks Foundation is going to have many people shaving their heads in order to raise money for children's cancer research. While Britteni is definitely amazing for what she is doing, it doesn't compare to Julia and the battle she continue's to fight against the brain tumor.

You can go to St. Baldrick's Foundation to read about the little amount of funding given to research on child cancer. Then you can make a donation in the support of Britteni and child cancer research by using the ID#674795. 

Hollyi is trying to spread the word through her Facebook page The 365 Days of Starbucks. Not only did she have the pleasure of meeting Britteni and sharing her story but she also met Julia and her grandfather, Ernie. This sweet man now brings his therapy dog, Pumpkin, to our work every Thursday so that our children can love on her. We work at a residential facility with children who are definitely in need of kisses filled with puppy breath. 

 I encourage you to follow Hollyi's Facebook page in hopes of being exposed to other wonderful and giving people like Britteni, Julia, and Ernie. 

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