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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so enjoyable! We woke up surprisingly early on Saturday and watched old movies.  After taking a run we headed to Main Street for Art on the Trail. It was quaint. Local artists had their crafts and things out for display. 

Of course, we made our way across the street to hang out at Barker Bar with Patti. The weather was perfect for drinking a Carolina Blonde on the sidewalk.

He is such a cutie. I just got Instagram and he was nice enough to pose with me. :)

This is Johnny and some other locals providing us with some awesome entertainment.

Johnny is a big John Prine fan and he willingly played my request of "In spite of Ourselves". As you can see, we both struggled to remember the words. It was still a great time! (That's Patti popping in.)

 Fun time posing with Johnny and the fellas.

 Patti's childhood friends came down to see her. She got to get from behind the bar and have some fun.

Lucky for us, Rich Mensik and his wife, Darcy strolled in with his homemade wine. I'll admit, I was pretty unsure about how this would taste, but oh my gosh it was delicious!! 

We had so much fun Saturday and an equally great Sunday relaxing at home.  Hope your weekend was great too!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flat Rock, NC

 This weekend we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a drive in the mountains to see the changing leaves. It was gorgeous! I think one more week and it will be perfect. This picture below is on the historic site where Carl Sandburg once lived. This picture was in one piece until I decided to edit a spot which turned into an even bigger spot right in the middle of the photo. This also happens to be the only photograph that Justin has shown an interest in. Did I mention that I deleted it from my camera? :( Oh well, you get the gist...it was really pretty.

His land seemed to go on forever! We only covered a small portion of it but decided to return another day with our hiking shoes on!

We ate lunch at Flat Rock Village Bakery which is behind this store. I am still totally baffled by the name "Wrinkled Egg". (It actually kind of creeps me out.) The food at the bakery was delicious!! We plan on going back and buying a few of their freshly baked loaves of bread.

This little guy just happened to catch my eye. Luckily he didn't mind posing while I took ten pictures trying to capture his cuteness.

These are just a few more shots of the grounds at Carl Sandburg's house. You wouldn't know it from the pictures but there were a lot of people roaming around. We decided we would be able to write some pretty amazing poetry too if this was our land.

I just love getting to explore new places with him :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Colors 4 Hope Walk/Run

I have been talking about doing a color run for I don't know how long and was thrilled to see that Greenville was going to start their own AND it will be in my town, Travelers Rest! Not only is it a super happy event but it also serves a wonderful purpose.
Mental Health America of Greenville County (MHAGC), which is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting positive mental health, recognized that 1 in 4 Americans were directly affected by mental illness this year. MHAGC is organizign Colors 4 Hope to raise awareness of mental health issues and to make mental wellness more visible as a health priority in Greenville. All proceeds will benefit programs operated by MHAGC.
As a mental health therapist, I am very excited to see people raising awareness about mental illnesses and the effect it has not only on those diagnosed, but also their family and friends. Working in this field is rewarding but can be discouraging and tiresome. I love seeing such a lively and happy event being associated with this particular fundraiser. It definitely gives me a sense of hope!!
For more information of the event check out the aritcle in The Tribune or at MHAGC website. I hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coolest Small Town in 2013 ~ Update

Now that voting has closed for Travelers Rest to be nominated as "Coolest Small Town in 2013", we can see how we rank! We finished with 628 votes and 18 very supportive comments!! This is a big growth from the small numbers we had in the beginning. Looking at votes alone, we are number 15 out of 924 towns! Woo hoo!!! 
Here are towns that ranked in top 15 with votes:
(provided by Fay Choban)
Bay St. Louis, MS 9816 votes
Watkins Glen, NY 8437
Shepherdstown, WV 3207
Elkhard Lake, WI 2900
Eagle River, WI 2608
Camden, ME 2076
Le Claire, IA 1847
Mount Carroll, IL 1266
Berkley Springs, WV 977 (art community)
Mount Morris, NY 823
Quincy, CA 822
Flagler Beach, FL 802
Minocaqua, WI 777
Belfast, ME 749 (seaport town)
Travelers Rest, SC 628
According to Budget Travel they will take into consideration number of votes, comments, and their own criteria such as diversity in geography, attractions, architecture, etc. to pick their top fifteen towns. They will announce them in January of 2013 and then ask us to vote for which town should win. This is when voting will be super important, especially if our little town makes the top 15!!
I think it is awesome that Fay Choban thought to nominate Travelers Rest and that The Tribune  jumped on board to get the word out to everyone. It is so cool to see people get together to support something they love.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Season

I have been looking forward to carving pumpkins since August. I marked this weekend on the calendar as "pumpkin carving weekend". Knowing how impatient I am, Justin decided not to tell me that my pumpkins probably would not make it until Halloween. This was my first time to carve pumpkins and couldn't wait another minute to get started! Justin kept a close watch so that I did not chop off any fingers. 

Here are Hedwig and Harry!!!

I think they turned out pretty good for a first timer :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Go, Go, Go...

This is the first day since September 27th that I have been able to stop and take a breath! I took a trip home to Mississippi to celebrate my friend's wedding weekend. My mother help host the bridesmaid luncheon at my parent's house and it was beautiful. The wedding was quite an event! I had a great time catching up with everyone.

Mama came back home with me and spent the week with me and Justin. The rest of my family came up Thursday for my cousin's wedding weekend. We were cramped in our little house but had a great time with them here. When we weren't taking part in the wedding fesitivities, we were either playing in downtown Greenville or exploring in the mountians.

A great week of celebrating love and family. Now, time to rest!!