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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so enjoyable! We woke up surprisingly early on Saturday and watched old movies.  After taking a run we headed to Main Street for Art on the Trail. It was quaint. Local artists had their crafts and things out for display. 

Of course, we made our way across the street to hang out at Barker Bar with Patti. The weather was perfect for drinking a Carolina Blonde on the sidewalk.

He is such a cutie. I just got Instagram and he was nice enough to pose with me. :)

This is Johnny and some other locals providing us with some awesome entertainment.

Johnny is a big John Prine fan and he willingly played my request of "In spite of Ourselves". As you can see, we both struggled to remember the words. It was still a great time! (That's Patti popping in.)

 Fun time posing with Johnny and the fellas.

 Patti's childhood friends came down to see her. She got to get from behind the bar and have some fun.

Lucky for us, Rich Mensik and his wife, Darcy strolled in with his homemade wine. I'll admit, I was pretty unsure about how this would taste, but oh my gosh it was delicious!! 

We had so much fun Saturday and an equally great Sunday relaxing at home.  Hope your weekend was great too!

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  1. oh, I'm jealous! I love anything with live music...and the Johnny guy, he makes it all the better!