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Friday, July 26, 2013

Less than 800 and Loving It: Before & After

I can't believe that we are already coming up on a month in the new house. We are loving our little cottage. After a year in the townhouse, we realized that we did not need much space, or very many things to keep us entertained. So, simplification became the goal and our house definitely helps keep us in check! 

I wrote a brief post earlier about buying the house and now I think we have gotten enough done on the inside to where I feel comfortable showing some before and afters. (<--Longest sentence ever?) So, without further ado:


Before view into the kitchen:

After view into the kitchen:

Before with HUGE built ins: 

With out built ins but with dogs:

View from couch:

View from window, dogs only allowed couch with special blanket!


Before with cabinets, wall paper, big wall and CARPET!

After without cabinets, wall paper, wall or carpet! (still have the lovely sailboat light...any takers??)
Painting those floors green was definitely a pinterest inspired dream of mine. We used Annie Sloan chalk paint and they turned out perfectly!

Before- view into living room

After- obviously, no wall!


Before- lovely curtains, and unfinished wood walls 

After :)

And one more toilet view ;)




One more

There is still the spare bedroom and laundry room to complete but they are both holding rooms for now.  This was a fun and exhausting process, and I think we both learned that we were a bit more handy than we thought. I was very impressed with J's work, especially in the kitchen. Those open shelves are some of my favorite pieces in the house :) However, I will be happy to not see another paint brush for a very long time! 

Shout out to Greg Carpenter in Travelers Rest that laid down our flooring in the kitchen, took out the wall, installed the amazing columns/beams and gave us those awesome barn doors that are now our headboard!!!

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