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My husband and I moved from Mississippi to South Carolina in July of 2012. We are excited to share our adventures from our new home!


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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Season

I have been looking forward to carving pumpkins since August. I marked this weekend on the calendar as "pumpkin carving weekend". Knowing how impatient I am, Justin decided not to tell me that my pumpkins probably would not make it until Halloween. This was my first time to carve pumpkins and couldn't wait another minute to get started! Justin kept a close watch so that I did not chop off any fingers. 

Here are Hedwig and Harry!!!

I think they turned out pretty good for a first timer :)


  1. I love the pumpkins! It totally looks like Harry. I used to live in SC too.

    1. Thank you! It was so fun! What part of SC did you live in?

  2. I love it!!! The Harry Potter theme is awesome!!! :o) I still haven't figured out what we are going to carve ours as this year. We aren't the most artistic people in the world, so it can't be anything very hard!!

    1. Thank you!! We are Harry Potter fans...well im more of a Harry nerd :) My cuts were very jagged, luckily they didn't show up in the photos.