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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Do-It-Yourself Weekend!

I was going to save this for Friday, but I am too excited about it to wait! I have two projects that J and I are going to tackle this weekend, Crate Plant Hangers and Stained Jars! I doubt he is as excited as I am, but he is being a good sport.

So, I found both of these or the inspiration for these on pinterest, of course.
I found this picture as my inspiration for the Crate Plant Hangers:
Plant wall . . . what a great privacy screen!

This is a beautiful way to create privacy for my carport. Because this was an inspiration picture, there were no How-to instructions on creating this.
Then I came across this picture...

and thought, huh...I can work with this! Lucky for me, I saw a pile of crates on my way home from work. I hopped myself out and loaded them into my car. Not an easy task in a dress! When J saw how excited I was we went back and he helped me load up some more. My plan is to start the project of recreating the first picture with the crates that I found. I will be sure to take pics of the process!

My next project inspiration came from this picture on pinteres

How awesome are these? I have a ton of mason jars at my house that are just sitting in my cabinets. This is a great way to jazz them up (in any color) and use them around the house and outside. I will also share how-to step by step process with pics!

Are you planning any Do-it-yourself projects this weekend?

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