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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick, Budget Friendly Work Out

One thing I learned, and expected, was that all that lovely weight that was lost to get into the fabulous wedding dress comes back quickly! I love the comfortable and secure feeling I have about myself in my marriage, but my pants are not longer comfortable. J and I decided that it was time to get back in shape since neither of us can afford new wardrobes. Mr. google found us two easy workouts that are high cardio, 15 minute calorie burners!

The first one is the Kettle Ball Swing :

This is a great workout that can be done with various weight and repetitions. Our workout suggested using a 15lb kettle ball and doing 15 workdown reps (first time you do 15, second is 14, third is 13, etc. You can reverse order too). We do this workout in alternating reps with the next workout I am about to show you. My first time I had to start at about six reps because I was so out of shape.

Kettle Ball Form:
1. You want to have a flat back with a natural arch when you squat.
2. When swinging the kettle ball between your legs, you want to swing it in the high thigh area. If you swing close to your knees your back and shoulders curve.
3. Swing it forward to shoulderish height. Squeeze your butt and hold your shoulders back.

The second one is the Squat Thrust:

Wow! This is a tough workout! It looks easy breezy but this is a big cardio workout! Like I said, we alternate the kettle ball swing sets with these, (kettle ball, squat thurst, kettle ball, squat thrust). You do these reps the same as the kettle ball. If you are feeling brave, or are in better shape than me, you can jazz this up. When you get into the plank position, do a pushup before getting back into the squat. You can also add a jump into your stand after you come back from the plank(or pushup).

So these only take about 15 minutes so there is no excuse of having no time. These are guarateed to raise that heart rate and leave you sore for a couple of days! These were listed as part of the Top 10 at home workouts from Bankok Health & Fitness. Check them out for more tips!

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  1. Hi Candin! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. I'm so happy you stopped by- your blog is lovely. I've always wanted to try a kettle ball, and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't yet. I'm bookmarking this post so when I actually get out there and buy one I'll know what to do!