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Monday, August 22, 2011

Financial Peace!

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace

When J and I got married, I still had 3 more months of school left before I could start working. Due to some situations that popped up during our engagement, he supported both of us. The circumstances were unsual and put a financial strain on us. After we got married, we still lived off of his salary until I began working in August. We developed some credit card debt due to the pre-marriage strain in addition to all of my student loans.

Being the accountant that he is, he was determined to find a way to get us debt free. The pastor that married us let us borrow the at home Financial Peace kit and we finally broke it out a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing!! Dave Ramsey finds a way to make the discussion of debt, budgets, and saving hilariously motivating. We got to where we spent our evenings after work listening to his dvd because they were so entertaining.

We are on the road to being debt free by my 29th birthday!(currently 25)

The steps we are taking are definitely aggressive. We sat down and decided that we wanted our credit cards paid off and cancelled. This goal should be met by April 2012(turning 26). We are banking to have a couple of student loans paid off by then too. We also decided that rather than paying student loans off as they are scheduled, we are going to dedicate my  entire paycheck to them so that we can have them gone before we begin having children (estimated 29-30).

This is so exciting to think about, BUT it is going to be a tight and frustrating road. All of those home projects and pieces of furniture, and beautiful fall boots are no longer impulse buys. They are part of a budget that is saved up monthly. Every penny is budgeted.(This was a hard concept to grasp). I am now mastering coupons, and shopping deals. I am obsessed with DIY projects and want to learn to sew! SO, through this process I hope to share what I learn and hopefully learn from others!

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  1. Candin, love reading your blog! Dave Ramsey is amazing. Timothy had me read one of his books and I did Financial Peace my senior year of HS. I have definitely used his advice with paying off my student loans & saving!!