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My husband and I moved from Mississippi to South Carolina in July of 2012. We are excited to share our adventures from our new home!


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I dream in pins...

A pinterest dream would include

Plant wall . . . what a great privacy screen!

Walking into my home with green privacy

Love this chair

Falling into this chair as I gaze out...

treehouse for grown ups

this window.

Great Room, with pretty colors... << Love the colors!

My living room woulde be full of textures and colors

Love the blue door

and my kitchen would be my second home.

angel food, strawberries, drizzled chocolate skewers

where I snacked on these

Of course my bathroom would show my favorite colors

old doors as a headboard/ DIY!!!

This is where I would dream in pins.

Oh to live in the dreams of pins where all looked and tasted as it should!
Do you dream in pins??



  1. Thanks for sharing in the Pinterest PinFest, Candin! It's so fun to see beautiful inspiration I've missed. Love your daydream and that private porch! :)

  2. oh, I have posted the white kitchen with the aqua sceen door!!! love it!!!